Understanding Chain of Custody

About Certification

Certification ensures forest products are sourced sustainably meaning organisations manage forests in a way that is socially just, ecologically sound and economically viable.

Chain of custody certification is independent verification that ensures that forest products are sourced responsibly, from forests that stay forests through trusted, transparent, and traceable supply chains.

Sustainable Forests

Sustainable forest management (SFM) is a responsible approach to taking care of our forests. It involves making sure we use the forest’s resources, like trees, in a way that doesn’t harm the forest’s long-term health. The main goal of SFM is to keep forests as forests for future generations.

Chain of Custody (CoC)

Chain of custody certification is like a passport for forest products. It’s a system that makes sure that the wood or paper you buy comes from forests managed in a sustainable way.

Responsible Sourcing

Forest products, like wood and paper, come from forests. CoC certification ensures that the products were sourced responsibly. This means that the trees were harvested without harming the forest’s overall health. It also means that the rights of workers’ are protected.

Trusted & Transparent

The supply chain is like a trail that forest products follow from the forest to the end consumer – where this is your paper bag, coffee cup, house frame, deck or furniture. Forest products are everywhere. CoC certification makes this supply chain trustworthy. It ensures that everyone involved, from the forest to the final product, follows responsible practices in line with international standards.

Traceable to Sustainable Sources

With CoC certification, you can trace the journey of a forest product. Organisations can see where it came from and how it was processed. This traceability guarantees that the product is from a sustainable source, where forests are preserved for the future.

Independent Verification

Organisations that claim to follow these responsible practices are checked by independent auditors. These auditors make sure that the claims are true and assess the organisation against the international standard. This process involves looking at records, interviewing workers and visiting operations. This helps maintain the trust in the certification process.

To keep the trust and transparency intact, these checks happen every year. It ensures that organisations continue to follow sustainable practices and that forest products stay linked to responsible sources.

Look for the Certification Label

When you’re shopping for wood or paper products, keep an eye out for special labels on the packaging. These labels indicate that the product has been through the chain of custody certification process. Organisations that are part of Wood Connect use the Responsible Wood and PEFC labels.

These labels are like a stamp of approval, and they tell you that the product is from a responsible and sustainable source.

Your Role in Sustainability

You can make a positive impact by choosing products with the certification label. Buying products with the certification label not only supports responsible forest management but also helps protect the people, the environment and local forest communities whose livelihoods depend on them.

Committed to a Brighter Future

Sustainable forest management and chain of custody certification work together to make sure that the products we get from forests are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way – protecting people, the planet and the prosperity of the local forest communities. This helps safeguard the forests for the future and ensures that the products you buy are sourced responsibly.